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MDA now offers a paid consultation service in an effort to assist the medical device industry to understand and comply with Malaysian medical device regulatory requirements. Any medical device stakeholders interested in obtaining consultation or information on medical device regulations are encouraged to join this session.


Open to individuals or small groups from any company or organization.                                


During office hours. Specific time will be arranged accordingly.

Fee and Duration

The fee is based on the service selected. For further information please refer to this link : -https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1X97dIStz8hgEcmZ3DyrF_hzTQpVDgx1PCG9Jbdt3RZE  


1. Face-to-face consultation at MDA’s Meeting Rooms; OR
2. Online consultation (when physical consultation is not possible)


1. Applicants can fill in the required information as per this link: -https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1X97dIStz8hgEcmZ3DyrF_hzTQpVDgx1PCG9Jbdt3RZE  

2. Wait for our invoice to be emailed.

3. Make payment.

(*Please be informed that payment for online consultation must be made 3 days prior to the consultation date. Once the payment has been received, we will email you the link to enter the consultation session.)

4. Once payment is cleared, an appointment will be scheduled.


1. General medical device regulatory requirement enquiries.

2. Specific enquiries (Please specify in the application form).


For any inquiries, please email to consultation@mda.gov.my


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